The Islands of Insalia is an open ended exploration biased rpg that will deal with colonialism and expansionism in a high magic fantasy world.

Many years ago the world was whole with massive tracts of land covering 60% of the planet, but a cataclysmic event sundered the world into tens of thousands of floating islands

the starting area is a floating island named Insalia roughly the size of Great Britain, with a smaller island the size of Ireland nearby.

geographically it shares a great deal with traditional Great Britain, save for a small mountain range to the south of the island and a large lake toward the center of the island near the capital city.

there are 3 major races on the island, Humans, Elves, and Dwarves and each race has a respective political group vying for power(The Kingdom of Insalia, The Elvan Tribal Coalition, and The Dwarven Republic of Representative Monarchies)

the religion of men are based on ten Gods, 9 of which are entrapped forever in mortal bodies, the tenth is the god of death

Islands of Insalia